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HI - Anyone still doing this "the old fashioned way"?

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REAL Kudos to "Lodestar Live" etc., but if anyone is
still persisting with LONG coaxes, an "old" Watec: HI! :p

I think much of my hiatus was due to persisting problems of BAD contacts. I have a "nice" monitor 
which has totally lousy(!) 3.5mm jack socket "video" inputs! Fortunately it also has VGA & HDMI
inputs. Video MUX's with VGA output are surprisingly uncommon? But found a good/rapid source: 


I like the possibilities of REMOTE control. Looking at FOUR (finder, main scope, all-sky & mount)
images at the same time! Who knows, with "galaxy season" looking, may yet give it another go. :D

Aside: Seem to have gotten "dragged in" to so many different (camera / imaging) "technologies".
Always promised myself I would "never get involved" in (Wide-Field) DSLR, Solar H-alpha, but... :p

Brothers "Siblings under the skin" and all that? Or gluttons for (financial) punishment! I have yet
another camera on order now (DMK41). But ever remembering that THIS is where I started out? :)

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1 hour ago, DoctorD said:

I think I might get it out and try it alongside the lodestar.

Ah... I think about a LOT of things too. Sadly often neglected. Was looking at
my Watec 910HX - Fair amount of "blood sweat and tears" re. the enclosure! :p
Remembering the rather dodgy (fragile) plug connecting the controller cable.
Did I once even consider Peltier cooling the thing? I seem to remember...


The Watec 120N+ still sits regally outside as an all-sky Cam! Or an ALL
Cloud Cam? Pretty good for meteor recording, despite circumspection.
Might pull it down sometime - Ever a good Cam - I may even prefer it
over the 910HX, which can be [IMO] troubled by internal "sharpening". ;)


MY MOTTO - If you can't excel in any specific field try them ALL? :D
But often worthwhile exploring the unconventional! Never get rich?

Best to all. :)

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