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Horsehead Nebula (Bernard 33) in RGB


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B33 is the well known shape of a horse head. It is a dark nebula embedded to the IC434, a large emission region located in Orion constellation and distant 1500 LY from Earth.
On the image presented, one can see the abundance in hydrogen in the RED channel, obtained from a RGB mapping from a narrow band capture, some organic material on the dark nebula can be seen as the S2 mapped in the green channel. The O3 capture has been mapped as the blue channel .

Ha: 13 x 1200sec bin 1x1
S2: 6 x 1200sec bin 1x1
O3: 6 x 1200sec bin 1x1

Scope: TMB 92 f/5.5

Processing and pre-processing: PixInsight


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1 hour ago, Ouroboros said:

I think that's lovely. A soft and natural looking image. What camera did you use? 

Thank you !  My camera is ST8300M.  Sorry I forgot to include the camera details.


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10 minutes ago, Ouroboros said:

OK. Thanks. Looking at the image, I thought it must have decent side chip.  

I understand. As I used a TMB 92 f/5.5 as the image scope, I got this FOV. But the camera, unfortunately uses a 8300 chip.

Best Regards,


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5 hours ago, cosmo-astro02 said:

I'm so impressed !

Could you please tell me the original Resolution & Size of the image ? 


First of all I wish to tank you very much for the more than kind comment.

The original data of the image in TIFF 16 bits is:

Resolution: 2665x1738 pixels 

File size: 27MB @72 pixels/inch

Best Regards and Thanks Again


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