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NGC 7822 HA


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I wanted to post my first shots of ngc 7822. I had all sort of trouble that night and was only able to pull in 3 20 mins subs, so DSS couldn't average out the satellite trail, but that fine this is just the first part of this project, which may take longer then this ear as i only get a very limited time due to house being in the way this time of year.  I wish i would have found it earlier. I will get OIII and SII on this target but want to make sure i have plenty of HA first so i can use it as a clean LUM.  I didn't crop the edges yet since this was just the start.  For a very little integration time it came out pretty well, think when it has full data it will be pretty awesome.   


Quick Process_PS.png

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11 hours ago, swag72 said:

That is such a great area! Great processing with such little integration time - I look forward to seeing this develop :) It responds well to narrowband.

Thank you Sara.  I can't wait to get more data on this one.  Since its so low on my sky compared with my house, it may take some time.  I think it will be worth the wait.

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