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Walking on the Moon

A Re-work of my Winter Favourite, M42

The Admiral

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With 3 different sub lengths (30s, 10s and 2s) used on this object I thought I'd re-process to see if I could get more detail in the core region. Whichever way I blended the sets I always ended up with pretty similar results, so I reckon this is the definitive version, about the best that I can achieve with the data available. I'm not sure if it's better than my original offering, just a little different, but if nothing else I'm pleased to have been able to make the just resolved Trapezium better defined.

As stated in the original posting of this image, it is comprised of 103 x 30s subs and 176 x 10s subs taken 28 Dec 2016, blended with 191 x 2s subs, taken 4 Jan 2017. Subs were stacked with AstroArt, and processed in StarTools without using the colour module. Blending was carried out in PWPro and final tweaking in Lightroom. Equipment:  Fuji X-T1 through an Altair 102mm f/7 Super ED with a TS Photoline 2" 0.79x reducer/flattener. Mounted on a Nexstar 6/8SE Alt-Az mount.

And to think that I almost deferred my imaging on the 28th December, expecting later opportunities to come along. How wrong I was! Orion season is more or less over for me now.


Compo 30s 75,2 30smsk1 compo aligned 2msk1brt1+10s 10smsk1-1 74,7-23,5-100 10sbrtcve1 LR1-2.jpg

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