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Walking on the Moon

Hello from a newbie in South Oxon


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Hi Folks,


Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

Although I joined a week or so ago Ive only just found the time to say hi...why does work always get in the way??

As the title says I am a complete newb to the astronomy hobby. A purchase of a second hand ETX105 last year was the initial spark and a recent purchase of a ( also second hand ) Williams Optics Megrez 90 and HEQ5 Pro have set me on a path of no return ;-)) I blame some of the stunning photos posted by you goodly folk on here for that!

Hence I'm sure Ill be begging for help and advice over the coming weeks/months as I bimble my way through polar aligning/camera set ups/editing etc so I apologise now for any numpty questions that come your way. I also apologise for the coming seasons of grot weather as I can seem to have the kiss of death when it comes to clear skies and steady seeing. It is no coincincidence that Doris ( a named storm heading towards the UK tomorrow )  is on her way, believe me.

Anyway, I look forward to chatting over the coming weeks and any hints/ tips etc etc all greatfully received.

Cheers all,



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Welcome, and if you haven't already pop along to one of the Abingdon Astronomical Society meetings - they are usually quite good, although I must admit to not getting along very often this last few months.



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Hi all and thank you for your warm welcome. 

Phillip R- I'm not a million miles away. I'm just S of Wallngford ( about half way between there and a Goring/Streatley)I used to live on the old airfield at Woodley before headed by up this way.

Robin- Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't heard of them so will definitely have a nosey if I get the chance.


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