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Bad weather processing - NGC7000 widefield


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Well, its been a full month now since I last got out - with no sign of a break in the clouds forthcoming.

So, while having a browse through some of the 135mm folders last night, I came across this test data I took back in December. Only 45min worth of data, but @ f2 it was quite alright. Shame I didnt persue it further (and a bit late to pick up on it again)... ah well, maybe next (astro) year.


6x450 (Ha)

Samyang 135mm @f2, Atik 383L+

Thanks for looking :)



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49 minutes ago, swag72 said:

What a great field of view Rob.... This looks great! I hope you can continue with this in the summer season :)

Yes and maybe tackle the rest of Cygnus while im at it ;)

But I think this Summers #1 target (with this lens) is the galactic core, I've managed to snag a decent dark site - but I wont be going there yet for a month or two. That will give me a chance to sort out the power (leisure battery + charger etc...), and an additional 12-19v adaptor for the laptop.


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38 minutes ago, PatrickGilliland said:

Looking good Rob - 45 minutes, that's 45 more than i have seen.  Almost like the UK is closed to photons!

Think you will be having some fun with that set up once the weather does break.....


Thanks Paddy, I'm hoping its going to pass sometime soon, there is a storm coming in the next couple of days so that might blow away the cloud.

Ive just been having another delve into what else I didnt bother processing, and found this 1hr smash n grab on the Rosette I took during January:

200pds -  6x600 (Ha) - colour taken from Star71 image




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1 hour ago, abhoriel said:

Beautiful image.. How do you connect the lens to the CCD? Is there enough focal-flange distance for a filter wheel? :)

Thanks :) 

I connect the lens to the ccd with an EOS to m48 adaptor, which has an internal 2" filter thread. It has to be a short arrangement in order to meet the 44mm spacing requirement. Also, a guidescope ring is used to take the weight of the lens  (which is surprisingly heavy!).

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