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The most beautiful Rimae of the Moon!


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This photo to me has a nostalgic flavor. It refers to my beginning in astrophotography.
Some 8 years ago, as soon as I bought my first large telescope (Newton GSO 12 "f / 5 from the late Telescope Warehouse) I had a good friendship with the master Darío Pires. It was from his practical teachings and the theorists of my great friend Ilídio Afonso That I started in this art.
When I started photography only with a Newton based dobs, a generic Fuji camera making photography in afocal, I remember well that I coveted the fantastic images of the class that had specialized equipment.
Among these old photos, one that especially caught my attention was this set of parallel Rimae in curve. It was a photo of Darío Pires, with a DBK 21AU, using if I am not mistaken that famous 400mm that today is with the Plocos.
I thought to myself .... "One day I'll still do a picture like that."
This is not the first time I photograph Rimae Hippalus, but every time I do, I can not help but remember this fact.
I hope colleagues as well as I have good memories of their beginnings, humbly remember how they began and make good use of what they have now.

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