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Need some help with old cge mount

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Hi. The local club has a cge mount which is very old. I think bought in 2009.with a c11. Used for visual 

The problem 

Example =my brain gives a order for my hand to move to the left. It moves. But it can't stop moving!!!! 

This is the mounts problem. We tried playing with it by doing some earthing. Temporarily solved the problem. But it went out of control again. We also tried changing pier, controller and power source 

If we send it to us the shipping cost will make the club go out of money. 

Has anyone encountered this problem? With or without this mount. 

I personally feel the problem is with the chip inside. Most error if on Dec axis. 

Sometimes scope moves too fast. 

I hope I've given sufficient data about the problem. We are planning to open it full women last time. 



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So Rajesh

You press the left arrow button.

The mount moves.

You take your finger off the button.

The mount carries on moving.

Every time? 

Sometimes it stops?

Could be just sticking buttons or a faulty hand controller.


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I used to own a CGE built in 2008 and my mount and many other CGE:s suffered from oxidation on the RA and Dec Connectors (don't know if this is the proper English Word). This caused the mount to run haywire at times.

The solution to the problem for me was to buy a set of new connectors from here : http://bendun.net/CGE-UPGRADE-KITS.html

I don't know if this will solve your problem, but it is a common problem on an otherwise excellent mount.


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