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Adam J

Any opionions on the ASI174mm cool for DSO imaging?

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Adam J    500

Exactly what it says, I am finding it hard to find example images from people using the ASI174mm Cool to image DSO.

Does anyone actually own one of these??

Or is the reason just that its not so good? I know people are using it for planetary imaging but ZWO claim that it is also a capable DSO imager.

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wimvb    1,913

If you google some more, you can find (zwo forum??) that it has/had issues with amp glow. But this could be calibrated out. Also, you may want to check the fov of this chip. For dso imaging, having a small chip may become annoying in the long run. It depends on what you want to image with it.

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Adam J    500

Yeah I guess I was hoping for a smaller more sensitive (larger pixels) cheaper version of the ASI1600MM Cool. I was also looking at a second hand KAI-2020 based camera, the chips are a similar size. 

6 hours ago, Knight of Clear Skies said:

Had a quick search and came across this thread (see posts #17 and #18 in particular). It certainly looks capable but I don't know how it compares to other options.

Yeah, I saw this, I guess I was hoping for example of mosaic of a narrow band nebula but have struggled to find examples. Which is probably for a good reason. 

5 hours ago, Star101 said:

Here is a link to the 60 second DARK on the ZWO website so you can make your own mind up!


And the website itself


I guess the amp glow is not great but it looks to calibrate out well.  

Overall perhaps this is better suited to long focal length galaxy imaging than what i want to be doing. 

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