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Not another power distribution box........


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I made this so that I can take it anywhere and power it from a portable 12v power source that I made some years ago, or use it at home powered from an old PC PSU that I have stripped down and separated the individual 12v, 5v and 3v supplies. I use this as a bench power supply to test my electric RC plane models various components, as well as other projects.

Anyways, this has 2x variable 12v RCA sockets, where one will be used to power my DSLR, and the other is for whatever else I haven't yet thought of. 

Then I have 2x PWM dimmers divided to give 2x channels each. 

The main power switch is fused at 5A, then the heater channels are fused at 1A. The variable channels are rated at 0.5A. 

The camera channel also has a further simple circuit after the variable circuit, which is also fused at 0.5v, and that limits the power to 8.5v should the variable power board give out. Should that happen, the power board from what I understand, will still allow the full 12v to pass through, and "possibly" damage the camera. This simple circuit will only give 8.5v regardless. 

There is plenty of room inside to put more stuff in as the need arises (if ever?).

Here's some photos:





If there is anyone who wants to build one of these, or similar, I can draw up a simple schematic diagram with a parts list. Whole cost was around £25 give or take a £ or two. 


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1 hour ago, Uplooker said:

Hi Daz,

That is a very comprehensive "box of tricks", well done. I have noticed from a number of your posts that you are in no shortage of ingenuity.


Thank you for you very kind comments dear sir. 

I enjoy tinkering, and sometimes making things go bang when I don't expect them to :D 

First rule of tinkering with electronic components, buy several of each item! 

Second rule, if something goes "POP", don't rebuild it the same way you built it when it did go "POP"!

Third rule, find a new way of building it because your several items have now become one item. 

Fourth rule, don't touch the soldering iron by the hot bit, or the item that you've just "tinned".

Fifth rule, don't stick your finger on 240v supply (many times LOL :D

I find these fundamentals akin to Newton's third law.


To make something that works from a pile of bits is an accomplishment, a challenge. To do it without any electronics background is to me even more of challenge, and it keeps my mind off my TN. Mind you, that is similar to getting zapped with 240v, albeit in your face and mouth, and usually 30-40 times a day! 

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Hi darren.

I've just edited the above post to include links to posts that may help you.

You can of course put all of the above gubbins inside a battery box. I use a 12v 9ah deep cycle battery, and can use 2 together to give 18ah for a longer session, and still remain light enough to carry in a tote box. 

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On 2017-5-1 at 21:49, fozzybear said:


Have you got a parts list and schematic for this just what I am looking for


Andy, I've PM'd you

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Very nice. Any chance of a peak inside? I've got a smaller fuse box (did wonder if it needed any ventilation?) to put a battery in, and then was thinking of running a cable to  a box permanently attached on my dob base with the dew heater socket and control on it. I can then detach the battery housing as required for charging or alternate use.

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On 01/05/2017 at 21:49, fozzybear said:


Have you got a parts list and schematic for this just what I am looking for


Me too as well

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