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14 inch Meade LX200 packing dimensions, anyone?

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Could anyone give me an idea of the size of the Meade LX200 14 inch, please, with a view to getting it into my car, a Dacia Duster? This will be a one off journey from the UK to France, after which the scope will be observatory mounted. I won't be drving around with it! I know it's a fairly rare beast but someone might have this info.

Many thanks,


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Just run a tape measure over my JMI case for my Meade 14" (It's de-forked) and the foam cut out is 44" long and just under 24" wide.

When I picked it up it all went into the boot of an Astra estate rear seats folded.


Hope this helps


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Thanks all, that tells me everything I need to know. :hello2: Mrs Gnomus' link has the box dimensions and the rather alarming information that it weighs more than 129 lb. How much more, I wonder?? Anyway it will fit in the Duster at the cost of taking up almost the entire rear end, so we will have to take a roof box with us, inside on the outward trip and on the roof for the return so we will have somewhere to put our regular stuff.

4 hours ago, Knight of Clear Skies said:

New toy for galaxy season Olly? ;)

No, it's the telescope that was kindly bequeathed to us by the late Alan Longstaff. I'll give it a permanent home named for him and it should be a big hit with planetary types, visual and photographic, along with deep sky observers who'd like GoTo rather than the Dob. We are doing a house swap with a UK friend in the early summer so that will give us the chance to collect it from Alan's farmhouse in Shropshire.


4 hours ago, lardy said:

OTA or the full shebang?  

The full shebang. I don't want to 'wedge' it because I did that to my 10 inch, then deforked it, and then greatly missed it in nice friendly Alt-Az mode. It really is a relaxing way to observe, I think, alt-az, computer driven.

Thanks for the links.


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