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Walking on the Moon

Comet 45P - 13 Feb in moonlight

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Last night was very moonlit and the sky was a bit murky.  It was impossible to see the comet in binoculars and it was only just detectable in a 15sec exposure with my Sony A7S Tak Epsilon combo.  This is a stack of 80 x 15 sec.  As well as being extremely faint, notice the distinct lack of tail (it should point up to the right).  A poor excuse of a comet!


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Brill, Shark! I'm glad you got an image. I tried and tried to scope the little tyke but no luck. Binoculars didn't make the hunt any easier. I thought I had it when my ephemeris pinpointed it in the Corona but it was just too faint. And the waning gibbous didn't help. Nice job! :hello2:




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That's impressive given the conditions. I waited until 3:00am to get a shot, and the moon really through things off for me. When I did see it, getting a picture was impossible, though I'm working with pretty low-grade tech. I didn't see a tail either when I did view it.


Congrats on capturing this image though. I haven't seen many clean ones come through.

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