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Skywatcher powertank and need to supply 6v

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While I'm still waiting on a couple of parts of my setup to arrive sorting out the various power requirements of the devices is proving to be by far the most annoying, to power my EQ5's dual axis motors I need to give 6v to the handset and as a few posts on this site mentioned the powertank had a 6v output option I bought one, however when I recieved it the thing only seems to offer USB 5v/1.5A (useless) or DC 12v/10A via the cig plugs so I grabbed a USB 3A adapter for one cig plug and that powers my Pi nicely but I had to get a variable voltage unit to get the 6v I needed for the motors. I have had to many thing blow up over the years because these types of adapter can't hold the set voltage correctly I was wondering is there a 6v output option I am missing on the powertank or is there a better way to do the power setup?

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I'm wondering if something like this might be an effective solution:


Obviously you will need to check if the Amp range is within your needs. This product is from the USA, but I imagine there are equivalents in Europe.

The downside is cost - US$150 - but this unfortunately illustrates the difference between inexpensive Chinese electronics and better quality. Don't ask me how many 12v DC to 240v AC inverters (for another hobby) I have gone through! Sooner or later I'm just going to have to grit my teeth and spend money!

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