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Anyone ever use a Leica Rangefinder on their telescope?


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Is it definitely the M7 and not a typo for the 8 or 9 ? 

It's doable in two ways that I know of. I've not used an M7 but an M2 so it won't be too different.

One is knife edge focusing. I don't recommend it as it will now probably involve some DIY ( and another M body to keep it simple ! )

The one I've used is a Visoflex that turns the M into an SLR. I think the Mk III works ok if you can find one. Hens teeth come to mind.

There are Leica M to T thread adaptors like for most cameras.

It was all a long time ago during the era of film so I will have forgotten most of what I knew :)


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I plan on Using a Leica Visoflex II attachment and connect it to a Leica "T" adapter. This will in effect make the Leica a DSLR.

If you guys could point me to where I can find best selection of "T" adapter out there. I would appreciate it.

Thank you


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I had no idea that people use these rangefinder cameras for photography. I have used rangefinders for hunting and it makes it much easier to do. I have been hunting since I was a boy. My hunting rangefinder is really good and I also have an HD scope, I almost never miss a shot when I'm using them. Everything about it is high tech and I love stuff like that. I also like taking pictures of landscapes and sky while I'm hunting and sometimes the pictures are really good. I guess if I get a better camera they will become even better.

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