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Lunt50mm + 1.25" Feathertouch focuser

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I went to Astrofest with one thing in my mind, the Helical focuser issue on my Lunt 50mm. I was hoping Lunt my have a stand, like they did the previous time I went. Fortunately the widescreen centre had quite a display of Lunt/Solar equipment.

The focuser is manufactured by Starlight and looks a well made quality piece of equipment as soon as you handle it. It has exactly the same closed dimension (48mm) as the original focuser. Obviously very easy to fit, unscrew the original and fit the new one its place. Then loosen the grub screws and rotate to the desired position. A very smooth coarse focus knob and 10:1 fine focus.

I tried it today with my trusty DMK21au618, focus was easily reached with maybe .2-3mm to spare, probably a little more comfortable than the original. With the Powermate + extension fitted focussing is so much easier in either direction, inwards travel was painful with the original. My focuser has 17mm of travel even though the Technical Information quotes the Focuser travel as 15mm.

Overall delighted with the addition of the focuser.

As for the cost? As usual I will "sit on the fence" and leave that to each individual to decide on weather its value for money or not :icon_biggrin:



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Thanks for the mention on this - I'd really like to get one for mine too but will have to wait for a bit (money)

Hopefully the Sun will wake  up and start putting on a show soon.



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