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Any experience of sequence generator pro?


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Absolutely brilliant and evolving all the time..... Framing wizard is excellent and with plate solving puts you exactly in the right place, it interfaces with PHD really well for guiding, the auto focuser works like a dream and I get perfectly focused subs all night ... basically I set it to run x number of exposures on x targets and all being well I wake up to what I asked for :)

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Yup, great bit of software to orchestrate the whole astro-sherbang! And for that price... almost unbelievable. Loads of people use it on here, so plenty of help available. The developers are extremely responsive and the SGP forum is very active. So, all in all, yes, just do it!

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I've just adopted it as well - worth the modest cost for the plate solving and target centering alone. There's something fabulous about being able to enter the RA and Dec of a target and know that it's going to end up dead centre in the field, every time. After my trial period ended I waited for, oh, about 60 seconds before buying a full license. As Gav said, they're very responsive - I posted a query about meridian flips on their forum; one of the developers responded, and updated the beta release to correct the problem I'd identified, within 12 hours of me posting. You won't be disappointed.

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SGP is fantastic software! It can be used to automate your entire session or can be used in a more hands on way (my preference).

The Framing and Mosaic wizard is worth its weight in gold and well worth the extra money.

If you're used to using separate bits of software for imaging (I used to use CdC, Astrotortila, Nebulosity etc) then the learning curve can be a little steep but persevere, it's very much worth it!



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