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Beginners telescope

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Hi all..

I am after a little advice as to which telescope to buy.. In an ideal world, one that is quite simple to set up (with the finder scope) as i sent back my previous one Nat Geo 76/700 

Now I would like to see our own planets mainly Jupiter/ Saturn  and any more close objects, I take it to see any Nebula's you need expensive equipment?

I think i would prefer a reflector telescope.

I would say a budget of around £200

So any information would be very welcome

thank you


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After the cheap reflectors, there is quite a leap in price as the better quality ones tend to be expensive to manufacture. They also need a solid mount which again adds substantially to the overall price.

A basic 90mm refractor such as the Celestron Astromaster https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-astromaster-series/astromaster-90az-telescope.html  would be within your budget - but if you want to go further into the hobby, might not be your best option. The next (big) step up would be something like the Celestron Omni 102 but the price is almost 400 pounds. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-astromaster-series/astromaster-90az-telescope.html  If you are lucky, however, you might find a good one second-hand for under 200 pounds.

In terms of value for money and all-round capability, I strongly second Gomus's recommendation of a Dobsonian reflector. A 200mm version is ideal, but the smaller 150mm version will also open up a lot of possibilities and is almost on budget. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-150p-dobsonian.html

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I've absolutely no association, but someone called Helen has got a Skywatcher Explorer 150P-DS OTA flextube for sale in buy and sell section of this website - I own the 8" version and they are nice things - it's well within your budget and with the spare you might be able to buy a nice eyepiece.

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The ds and flextube lines are different things. The flextubes are collapisible dobs and the ds's are solid tube OTAs that require a mount to be purchased separately. While the OTA might be in budget there wouldn't be enough money left over to buy a suitable mount. 

Also, the scope you suggest is marked as sold. 

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My scope is a Skywatcher 150P on an EQ mount. This is a bit beyond the £200 budget but not much. The Dobsonian mount is much easier than an EQ mount. As for what you can see with a 150P- I am in love with the Orion Nebula which I get fantastic views of and have also bagged the Andromeda Galaxy and some other bits and pieces. 

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