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Obsy Leak


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A design flaw discovered this week


Had the dreaded leak in the Obsy this week due in my part to a "too flat roof for the warm room".

 This is a design flaw where the roof rolls back over the warm room so I left it almost dead flat to make rolling the roof back and forwards easy.  As my Obsy backs on to a neighbours tree I forgot the autum leaf fall should be cleared away.  The accumilation of leaves effectivly created a small swimming pool on my flat roof building up the depth of water to about 1/2 inch,  Enough to find its way in :cwm10:.  After clearing all the dead leaves I could see the roof was almost clear of standing water and could begin drying out the warm room.

Fourtunately the leak was above my chair away from the PC and obsy controls so minimum damage done :laugh:.  Iv'e striped out the ceiling and removed the insullation and left the heater on for a few days and all seems to have dried out nicely.

Today I refitted the insulation and put the ceiling back ( ali panels if you remember from my build thread)  so not any damage as such apart from my ego, flat roof should not be too flat :(.

So lesson learned, a slight pitch needed on warm room and check debris on roof early winter.  Mark 2 Obsy will have this feature that's for sure being a flat roof I was very lucky the water came in away from all the electronic kit and just left me with a damp chair and carpet. 




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We all learn through experience that's for sure.  I've encountered a small defect on my own warm room roof.  Mine does have a small pitch which should have been sufficient, but I used plywood sheeting as the roof base covering that has turned out to be too thin.  This has sagged a bit in the middle, and although the small pitch in the roof gets rid of most of the rain off the roof, there's a pool of water left at the bottom edge of the warm room roof.  Fortunately, this pool is relatively small and the EDPM rubber that I used to cover the roof keeps the water out of the warm room.  So the result is more of an annoyance rather than anything else.

But if I ever build a mark 2 observatory, I'll make sure that I use thicker, more rigid base sheeting on the warm room roof.

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I have a LUVVERLY (pre-built) observatory, but the FELT roof is almost
totally "shot" after but few years. The inward opening door is ever hard
to seal against water ingress... Not to mention the "rising damp" issue
of sitting it *directly* on top of a larger, pre-existing patio type area? :o

Hindsight is a great thing! I do try to fix the more obvious problems...
But I suspect it will "outlast me" ultimately. LOL I try to worry LESS? :p 

We seem to get so much RAIN and high winds around here...

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