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Sunflower (reprocessed)


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While I wait for another clear night, I thought I'd attempt to improve my processing skills with another go at an  LRGB +Ha M63 image which I acquired in 2016.

The main difference  is that I've now corrected the starfield for optical defects, allowing me to present it in a much wider field of view. My original attempt is in my gallery Deep Sky II.  

What I hadn't appreciated was the vast number of galaxies that I'd also captured, some of which I got Pixinsight to identify below.


11. Final.jpg



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16 hours ago, johnrt said:

That is very nicely processed Alan. Excellent result.

Thanks John.

15 hours ago, johnfosteruk said:

That's a lovely image.

Yes, I think I now prefer it to my closely cropped version.

13 hours ago, cfpendock said:

Very nice galaxy in a sea of stars (and other galaxies!).


Thanks Chris.

11 hours ago, theo said:

A really nice Sunflower. I think I would drop the green ever so slightly for the background (could me just my monitor though) but the colour in the galaxy is spot on. Nice work.


Thanks Pete. On the slightly green background: I checked the background on my monitor again and it looks OK. I then decided to measure it with the PS sampling tool set on 11 x 11 pixel average - I get a consistent 21/21/21 for the R/G/B values across the background which indicates everything is neutral.  Anyway, thanks for the comment. Alan

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2 hours ago, laudropb said:

Very nice image. Nice detail and colours.

Thanks for the comment Laudropb.

On the detail front, I attempted to slightly enhance this over my previous attempt by using the Pixinsight function HDRMT. I've found gives excellent results. 

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16 hours ago, Adriano said:

Very nice image of the Sunflower Galaxy. There are many galaxies in the field of view. Very well done.

Thanks Adriano. I expected some additional galaxies to appear in the field of view but not as many as I managed to capture !

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