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Astrofest 2017 - Video from the show

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Click on the link below to see a 15 minute video from Astrofest 2017 - gives a flavour of what it was like and my own highlights from the exhibition.




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Nice video. Agree, they did seem to be less items in general to purchase and certainly less discounted products.

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NB For future shows can you say what else you would like to see in the videos so I ensure I get correct interviews etc.


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Indeed - neither range nor discounts seen in previous years. Talks were still excellent.


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    • By confusedstargazer
      Hi I'm new here.
      Briefly looking through this site, it would seem this site is geared towards discussion regarding instruments. So in advance, I apologize if this is not the appropriate forum/website for my question. And. If at all possible, might anyone link me to a website that might be better suited for me. I looked on youtube, and a few other websites and nothing concrete came up as to where the appropriate place to post might be or what it was I was observing regarding moon activity on this early morning of 11/28/2017. So here I am and once again I apologize if this is the wrong forum for my question.
      I'll be brief. My knowledge of astronomy is very limited. Though I've always had a passion for astronomy.
      My question. What exactly was I observing in regard to the moon's orbit/position/speed in which it changed?
      Now, allow me to set the stage. It was roughly 12:30AM here in North East Texas on this day of 11/28/2017. On my way to the store I stopped to take a look at the night sky as I always do. The moon was roughly at a 50 degree angle above the southern tree line. Forgive my ignorance but this is the best way I can describe what I was observing. In less than one hour the moon had radically relocated to just above the western treeline. Once I got home the moon was obviously no longer visible from this viewing point. 
       I am very curious as to why the moons position changed so quickly. I've never seen this before.
      Is this a common occurrence  within the moon's cycles and or time of year?
      I look forward to hearing your responses. To hopefully shed light on what is seemingly a strange phenomenon to me.
      Thank you in advance!
      For the first time in ages I've been able to see the meteor shower as it's been clear for the first time in years from where I've been. Even got the missus to finally see a meteor!
      As I went inside for a few minutes I also swear I heard an object hitting something hard and then our hedge move. I know it's pretty unlikely to be a meteorite but had a quick look but didn't see anything
      I reckon I'll have to have a gander in the morning but I wont count my chickens!
      Did anyone else get a chance to see any meteors?
    • By MarsG76
      Hi All,
      After imaging Venus last evening, when it became visible it was already low in the west less than 30 minutes from it setting behind the mountains.
      Being so low in the west and the amount of turbulence/heat shimmer I was fighting when imaging, I think that I might not image Venus this season again, so I'm sharing my collection of Venus phases I captured between 1st December 2016 and 20th February 2017.
      Thanks for looking,

    • By Vega
      First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR all at SGL! Wishing you all a very enjoyable, prosperous and cloud free year.
      What are people's thoughts on the year ahead astronomically? I must admit I'm quite excited for the months ahead. There's quite a lot going on up there :-) 3 bright(ish) comets, two of these comets will be in the same constellation in April!        
      All three should easily reach binocular viewing brightness. Then in August there's 'The Big One' if you live in America or are planning on visiting. Even though I wont witness it, I'm still intrigued as to how this will compare to the 1999 eclipse and just what kind of media frenzie the world will get in to on this one.
      Any other events people are looking forward to this year?
    • By Sneezy24
      I went on Friday this year, mainly for the talks (attended all of them apart from first 10 mins of the first!).
      In my opinion, the talks are the main reason for going, but I did purchase a Telrad while I was there.
      There did seem to be fewer traders present, but still busy on the exhibition floors.
      I really enjoyed the talks, particularly Matt Taylor and Brian May.
      Any other thoughts?
      Might go to IAS in October and get a zoom eyepiece if the financial controller gives me enough pocket money!
      When are the skies going to clear??
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