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Just looked at the advert, the seller looks odd, although they have loads of feedback

Borg Pharma Ltd


my guess would be grey import with no VAT or duty paid, although not sure on duty for astro kit. You have to contact the seller directly to purchase, looks a bit dodgy.

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Borg Pharma in Woking are supposed to be a chemists yet all the items on their amazon market place appear to be electronics. They also require you to contact them first before ordering. This is a little suspicious, they make ask you to make payment for the goods outside of amazon ie direct bank transfer where you might not get the protection if the sale is dodgy. A quick google for the email address brings this up. See here . Another seller is also offering an NEQ6 way below the rrp with the same request to contact them outside amazon. Avoid these scams, buy from a real authorised Skywatcher retailer.

If it is too good to be true then it probably is.

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3 hours ago, DAVE AMENDALL said:

 Yes , I would agree that it looks like a scam and not to be touched with a barge pole. I would not be too keen on the ENS deal either,would prefer to pay the proper price with  people like FLO, RVA or Telescope House...............Dave

Bear in mind that the mount for sale with ENS is used, as is most if not all of the equipment that they sell, which will account for the difference in price to the suppliers that you mention.  

Certainly the two sellers on the Amazon marketplace look highly suspect.  Is there a way to bring these to the attention of Amazon, like you can with dodgy looking listings on eBay?

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Very often if you buy used and be careful, you can get a real bargain. ENS for example have a reputation to keep .

Sellers on AB&S are mainly astronomers, you can easily weed out the scammers and the chancers with a friendly phone call. That applies particularly to eBay .There's tons of unused gear out there.

Sometimes it can pay to buy carefully used gear. I know of several star gazers who have modded stock mounts to such a state that they are better than new.

There are also the occasional bright bargains that come up , such as GP mounts, needing only a mod to make a superb Synscan goto. I've seen this done to a bargain basement eq6.silent and deadly accurate. In many respects better than new.

A bit of research goes a long way and it's always buyer beware,

Old Nick





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ENS (chap called Steve) is a reliable reputed supplier of quality-assured used tackle...  and will hand deliver for a small fee and promise of coffee on arrival. Ended up nattering for about an hour on cloud formations when he delivered my 8" Dob.

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A quick update. I contacted amazon through their "report incorrect product information" link reporting the suspicious activity (items marked at far below rrp and requesting contact outside of amazon). All the original fake sellers have now been removed leaving just the two genuine dealers and another hacked account which has sprung up using the same email contact details. Remember, only buy from authorised dealers, you know it makes sense.

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