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Walking on the Moon


Ishan Mair

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Widefield horsehead and Flame nebula from the last new moon. There's been endless tinkering over this one. Its been 15 days and more than half a dozen attempts and I am not sure I've settled on to it. Getting obsessive about extracting every last bit out of the image? :confused2: I'm pretty happy with it now as it was a small amount of data using unmodified dslr.

18 x 5 min lights full calibration with Canon 1100D
Skywatcher 130 PDS on HEQ5 Mount Pro
Orion SSAG Guider on 50 mm guidescope
Baader MPCC III.


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Thanks gnomus. At the end of the routine workflow, I had to select the HH first and then the flame using PI equivalent of "color selection". I played with it in the Lab mode and got this version. Pinkish hues around the HH are still bugging me:help: .

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  • 1 hour ago, swag72 said:

I like the colour in the flame and the data looks good...... My retina's though have been burnt out by those spikes :D  I know that you can't do anything about them with that scope.... but Oh my goodness, they are huge :D 

:headbang: I wish there was something to do about it. But Sara if you are still alive after being cut but my star spikes, take a look at this wonderful image of the same region by another astrophotographer Bares : http://bares.altervista.org/nebulose/434.html 


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