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DIY Dew heater controller (PWM)

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Dew strap controller (PWM) done at last (waited ages for some kit from China). 4 x 10W channels, individually fused, switched & controlled, channel switch LED brightness indicates power output. 12V 5A DC input switched & fused.
Compared to the cost of a 'bought' one, I'd need to value my time at less than youth minimum wage, but you can't put a price on smug self-satisfaction :-)
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A nice tidy build, well done. I'm starting my distribution box build today. Delivery from China is a right PITA isn't it. Sometimes you feel it's worth spending a few quid more just to get it from the UK to speed things up. I waited ages for my PWM's from China too.

Where did you find the fuse holders?


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Nice build Steve.

My PWM's were ordered at start of November and arrived early January.
Clearly it's a bit pot luck.

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    • By Lachlan
      Hello everyone! 
      Im having issues regarding dew during colder nights while imaging. I’m aware of how to solve the issue of dew forming on front elements of scopes/lenses using dew heaters, however I’m also concerned with the dew that forms on my non-weatherproof DSLR body and imaging laptop. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to combat this? 
    • By Sunshine
      Hello, regarding my 150 Mak, i plan on storing it in my garage most of the time a least in the colder months where equilibrium will take longest, if i bring it straight outside i can see an issue with moisture but if i plan on driving somewhere should i be using a desiccant??
      does it stay on the scope all the time when not using it in storage? thanks!
      I'm looking for a dew heater/controller. I would preferably like more than one channel. Let me know what you've got and how much you want.
      It's to fit a 8" Newtonian, 2 x 50mm finderscopes so may just need to buy some more strips or make up one.
      Curious what people have for sale. Not looking to break the bank but would like it to run off of a 12v car/adapter plug.
      Can pay via paypal and need it before next friday.
      Hey guys, I need some advice on an issue I'd never encountered before. Dew. 
      So on Saturday I was testing out my new power tank i've spent the last 3 months building and planning (post to come soon), and as it was an exceptionally clear night I thought I'd image the Andromeda galaxy for the first time. All was not well to begin with, my PHD 2 kept messing up and it looked like my mount corrections were sometimes off the scale continuously. It took me about an hour of tinkering and calibrating to realise that closing and reopening PHD was all I needed to do as after that the mount remained relatively stable. I took my first light frame (1600iso 120s) of Andromeda and my god was it incredible, I was very excited. As my histogram was not central or anywhere I was happy with I reduced the next light frame to 800iso and then upped the exposure time to 5 mins. The image came out a lot worse, so I decided to up the iso back up to 1600 but keep the remaining time. I had literally no idea what was going on as I had never experienced it before.
      I looked at my guidance system and it appeared to see the galaxy somewhat fainter slightly maybe but still on target so I know I hadn't drifted off to one of the neighbouring galaxies. I looked through my finder scope and all was well. No idea. So I relocated to Pleiades but this time I took my DSLR out. I shone my headlamp down the SW 200P and saw the primary was fine. But then I noticed on my Auto guider scope and my finder scope that their lenses were rather 'moist' But still my main OTA wasn't. I took my headlamp off again and looking down my main tube and shining my headlamp through the eyepiece I saw the culprit. My secondary mirror had so much dew on it, it was nowhere near clear. I assumed this was definitely the problem? But had nothing I could do about it.
      So the question is, I need a solution to stop this from happening. I don't want to spend a tonne of money on this as it's nowhere near payday yet! I need a solution that can sort out my ota secondary from getting too moist plus also my other equipment. I've seen other people talk about dew bands and controllers, but I need this for 3 different scopes it may get costly.
      I also found it weird how I started imaging last winter and never encountered dew at all until the other night! There is a star party my local Astronomy association is pulling for the public in two weeks and as my scope has been deemed reserved for observing to the public, I'd like to have a solution before then just in case my scope fogs up during that show!
      I have a powertank with 3 12v outputs and USB sockets which is about 3 meters from my scope at all times so I could use that to power anything I need.
      Any night is a good night if you learn something, whether it's a good or bad thing
      Any suggestions please? DIY is fine!
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