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Imaging the northern lights

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On 10/02/2017 at 11:52, Nigel G said:

Where were these taken? It's a beautiful scene.

We both make the big 50 this year and are looking for something special to do.


Not sure if it was Iceland but I was taken there by my lovely OH some years ago for my 40th and got a stunning display on my b'day night. Highly recommended!

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Hey all.   Absolutely beautiful up here in ivalo (Finnish Lapland).   I'm still here actually.   Thanks for the comments.  Literally my first proper Astro shots I'm pleased with.   No lights since these sadly but lots of Star shots. I'll pop a couple up in a few mins.   

Mostly shot at f2.8 / 16mm ultra wide. ISO 320 (yes I know it's low but it works for me) 14-25 second shots.   

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6176687888_IMG_0362.JPGIncidentally, I'm aware of certain under / over exposure elements across the board.  I am still here so am unable to post process ........ I'm not even sure I want too.  I'm still a beginner and I feel the images deserve to be left well alone ?


Once I improve I can criticise myself from these 


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3 minutes ago, skywatcher250 said:

Canon 6d, 18-35 iii Lens 


my my first real crack at pics.   I'm very happy 

i was tempted by the 6D. but i opted for another 5DMIII  


where they shot in AV?

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