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Something came crashing to earth in the US!

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1 hour ago, Paul73 said:


Some of that baby has got to have made it to the ground in fair sized chunks. I'd take the day off and go find it/them!




If it did make it to the "ground," you'll be needing SCUBA - at very least - as it would have landed in Lake Superior. This according to maps & telemetry. Those who were nearest have reported at least one, loud sonic-boom.

Otherwise, I'd be tempted to go "prospecting" for pieces of that critter myself!



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The USA, at least, is awash in security-cameras, and police in many locales employ "dashcam" video that record everything around their vehicles. So the film is out there - people just don't bother to look for specific-events/times unless something of interest (to the person(s) who own the cameras.


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