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ASI224MC / Mac


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I'm hoping someone has already solved this.  I'm trying to control an ASI224MC on a MacBook Pro running VMWare Fusion with Windows 10 and FireCapture 2.5.  I'm using the latest ASI drivers - V2.0.1.3 although I've also tried with the previous set ( with the same results.  This laptop only has USB 2.0 ports.  I'm getting a large number of "Capture Failed" messages to the point where it's nearly impossible to make any progress.  I've tried setting the USB Traffic slider to its lowest (40).  I've tried 2x2 binning, which doesn't help much.  I've also tried Hardware Binning, which does seem to help but does not eliminate the problem.  Generally using a small ROI works reasonably well, although I use the full frame to find the target and center it first.

Is anyone successfully running this combination?  Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere?

The next step will be to set it up on a straight Windows system, although I'd prefer to get this working if possible.



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I haven't had much luck with oaCapture 1.0 either.  It is generally crashing as soon as it tries to connect to the camera.  I've had a few instances where it didn't and it managed to capture images fairly well.  I haven't figured out any pattern yet as to what is causing the crashes.  This is under El Capitan, not Sierra.


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