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Never seen this happen in the night sky- What could it be?


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So about two or three days ago, I'm looking at the night sky at around 8 P.M or 9 P.M Indian Standard Time. I live a little outside the city, so the sky is really nice and comparitively clear. I suddenly see something like a star or something (it was as high as the stars and looked very much like a star; the way it shined and everything) moving from east(near or inside Orion) towards north(somewhere close to The Big Dipper) in an arc like path in about a minute and disappeared under the horizon. Atleast I think so. BTW, this was all with the unaided eye. At first, I thought it was something like a sky lantern at a really high altitude, but I don't think a sky lantern could move that fast. What could it be? I'm really curious.                                           

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