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Walking on the Moon

Rosette reprocess.


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It's raining (thoroughly!!) so I thought I'd pick up on Tom's comment that I might get a bit more attitude out of the inner part of the Rosette I posted a while back. He was right and I now feel that this has more to say for itself. It's Ha LRGB, about 17 hours, using the dual Tak 106/Mesu/ Atik 11000/SXVH36 sky hoover. Processed in Astro Art, Registar, Pixinsight and Photoshop. Ha (3nm Astrodon) added to red in blend mode lighten.






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Thanks all. We don't get a lot of rain but when we get it - we get it! I'm always tempted to get the kayak out when the pencil thin dribble that we call the Céans turns into a torrent but it might be a good way to get yourself stuck under tree branches and not be found until June and after Galaxy season! (That would never do since I have yet to image with the 10 inch ACF...)


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2 hours ago, gnomus said:

Superb Olly - and more 'attitude' than Trump's press spokesman.

Nice work Olly - more attitude and the fact you know what you are actually doing has worked very well.

The stars, their colour and intensity around the core a super providing an extra focal plane to the image.


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Truly amazing Rosette / Sky Hoover / Dust Sucker, congratulations!

Just out of curiosity: there are two distinct black streaks in the lower left quadrant. What are they? Look odd but I assume they are real and not artifacts.

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