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The Moon 03-02-17


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Had a surprise last night, it had been raining all day and was forecast to continue but didnt so I went out to test out the new (old) bins. Lovely views of the terminator even at 8x mag, then on to some clusters.

It was still clear when I was done so out came the 130 reflector for some imaging.

50 frames of 300 at 1/200 ISO 100, the seeing was awful but it's an image, and the first in 2 weeks thanks to the weather so it will very much do. Oh, and I've just about caught the V, no X though.

Moon 03-02-17.png


When I was done with that I pulled out the lifecam 3000, 2x & 2.5x barlow. Strapped it all together and had a bash at a mosaic. 

Daft image scale really without motors but it shows what can be done with patience and Pipp, AS!2 & MS ICE did the magic. Where the seeing wasn't too mushy and the panes overlap ok it's captured some reasonable detail. 

The weather decided I'd had too much fun half way through though and rain stopped play so here's half a mosaic, nearly. The image is much reduced to avoid awfulness.

Moon mosaic 03-02-17.png

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1 hour ago, johnfosteruk said:

 no X though.

Oh bad luck sir, you must have been out early in the evening then  ? !

'twas there at about 8:30 , honest guv :)

Very nice V though, just emerging, and very interesting your other images.

We look forward to SGL alerting us to future apparitions between clouds/rain

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