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In my quest to identify a mount, I would like advice on the Losmandy G8 - the basic unit without add ones is $1500 +tax and shipping, and this is somewhat beyond my budget. However, the reviews I have read seem to suggest that it is a far superior mount than the usual Celestron, Orion, Sirius, atlas etc. 

Is that true that Losmandy G8 is a better mount.

I will be using the mount for AP (upto three minutes), is it a feasible with a basic G8 unit without the Gemini unit. Telescope is 5" MAK (8 lb)



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I have felt for a long time that the G8 was well past its sell-by date and unless it has been radically improved I would rather have an EQ6. The ones I have seen were, quite honestly, pretty dreadful. The design was awkward and the whole thing rather wobbly.

I'd also say that the Mak, with its slow F ratio, will not do well with short sub exposures. Might it be worth thinking through your deep sky imaging rig with a blank sheet of paper?



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Don't bother with this mount. It is outdated, poorly engineered and overpriced. I have used one for several months and tried in vain to improve the performance.

The problem is the wormgear diameters are very small, which induces a very large and aggressive periodic error.

You will be far better off buying an EQ6. If you are dead set on buying a Losmandy, get a G11, which is far superior than the GM8.




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I am not able to comment on the GM8 as an imaging mount, but mine was acquired originally for visual use only, with the advantage of "push to" while retaining continuous tracking. The whole unit being quite sturdy, using the 12" mount extension and a heavy duty wooden surveyors tripod. In my view a fine piece of American engineering in alloy and stainless steel.

There are many advocates of the mount to be found on the Cloudy Nights forum, as this is more used in the Unite States, however, the GM11 seems to be the norm for the serious imager, along with its heavy price tag :) 

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