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Walking on the Moon

Well finally


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I got delivery of my first telescope today.

Its a SkyWatcher 130 m and Im just looking at the motor and find it a little daunting but I will persevere. Things seem a little  more difficult  when you hit 69  so I may need some advice now and again so I hope some of you may not mind giving me words of wisdom now and again.

UI first  got interested when my dad told me in the garden one night about a Russian called Yuri Gargarin was flying in space above us as we sat. And I  age has some compensations, One of them witnessing that brilliant live Apollo live tv broadcasts of the 60/70s. Wouldn't of missed them for all the money in China.

And I'm lucky to live in the Brecon Beacons which  was two years ago designated one of the very  few  UK designated  International Dark Skies sites.

So once I've sorted out this motor I know where I will be spending a lot of my time.

Nice to meet you all.


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Greetings, Jayke,  and a warm welcome to SGL - great to have you here!

A wonderful location - we'll all be right over! :p Congratulations on your telescope choice, a very popular one here, so lots of information is available from end-users. So please feel free with all your questions.

Starry Skies -


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Hello JayKe - 

I only started about two years ago, but was interested back when Jupiter only had four known moons (now 60+).  You learn a lot, very quickly, especially by observing, and by visiting this great forum.

I had a similar 'scope.  Very manageable - follow the instructions for alignment, then the motor drives it slowly on the RA axis for tracking.  (Otherwise objects go out of view, and quickly so at higher magnifications.)  You can of course track manually, unless you want to take some photos.

Have fun!


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Warm welcome to the lounge,  Jayke. You are what the indigenous people of the Americas would call an elder, one of great respect. I wish I could have seen those original space broadcasts! Wow!


Clear skies,

Reggie :hello2:

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Hi JayKe and welcome to SGL, you certainly do have some wonderful dark skies available to you, brings back memories of holidays of many years ago in the Black Mountains area, a Moonless night was so packed with stars, they provided their own faint ambient light.

Stress not over your motor, help is always at hand, just ask in the appropriate section of the forum for guidance, if you come across a problem, enjoy the forum :)


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Hello Jake and welcome to S G L, this is the best community to be in, you will soon get the hang

of your new scope, if you have any problems just post your questions in the relevant forum, you

will get a faster response there, good luck with the scope.

Clear Sky's. 


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Welcome Jayke.

I too am new to this game but have found the residents of SGL to be very friendly and helpful. You have come to the right place.

Not as well versed in life as you but I also remember the Apollo years, Skylab etc. Great weren't they?

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