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New Tripod


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Well folks i ordered this on Monday Evening after reading on the forum about someone ordering a pistol grip for their tripod and it arrived today :hello2:


I am well chuffed with it very stable if a tad on heavy side but that will help keep it rigid so old tripod will get put away in cupboard , given away or charity shop 

So all i need now is Steve Tonkins Binocular Astronomy book to arrive and the clouds to go away and i am all set lol 


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congrats.  There's a thread somewhere (on this forum I think) that recommended adding 'Lock Thread' to certain nuts (?) on this tripod.  They were noted to be prone to falling off.


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Ok tried the tripod out tonight what a diferance from the flimsy camera tripod i had been using before its a lot sturdier and steadier 

the legs have 3 positions 30' 45' and 90' i found if i have front at 30' and the 2 rears at 45' and extend the 2 rears further than front leg i can sit in my garden chair and the tripod can fit over me and chair 

Looked at M31 , M42 and the pliedes (7 sisters) it was really quite enjoyable as i was able to sit and be quite comfy without knocking the tripod all time lol 

to say i am pleased with the tripod would be an understatement i am really glad i got it :thumbsup:

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