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Mr trick

Baader Hyperion mk3 8-24 problems

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Hi guys

 OK purchase a lovely set up yesterday hence the clouds haha

 One of the extras in the deal was a baader Hyperion zoom.  The seller did tell me about this fault.  

 The zoom lense is stuck!  It moves between 8 and ten but then feels jammed. 

Seller only used the complete set up 3 times and everything is like new.  

Any ideas or should I just send this back to manufacturers for service? 

The package I purchased includes 

Skywatcher mak127 (with soft case) 

Eq5 pro with synscan 

Various camera attachment 



Dew sheild

Power supply (mains) 

Angle finder 

And  loads of other little bits I have no idea about haha

 Cheers for any hep

Ps seller Recons the lense is awesome and usable on setting 8. But it would be lovely to have it working properly. 




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it would seem that yours is not the only one. Should increase the chances that the manufacturer knows about this issue and should fix it.


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Thanks for that.  I will see if anyone at local astronomy club can help. If not I will send off for service if possible. If not I'll just use at seized setting. 

Sounds like a iffy design problem.  My seller kept everything absolutely immaculate,  not a mark on anything.  He said it just jammed first time he used it.  Shortly after his purchase they had a baby and that then took all his time and he didn't send it back . Shame but one of them things. 

I have heard that baader do quality products? Reading the links you sent and finding out badder won't help out (in many cases) makes me reluctant to purchase any more of their products.  

 Thanks again for your help



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And one here in SGL:

Baader most certainly MUST be aware of this. Send them an email.

I'm sure you'll get it taken care. That 'tain't no 'paperweight!'

Best Wishes -



<EDIT> Get screenshots of the other threads to embed to Baader if they wish to 'play games.'

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allways problems with cheap lubricants, they tend to separate and cause major problems. Ik do not understand why they  (all manufacturers) donts spend a few cents more on their products and use PTFE. No more problems with that stuff!!

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