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CGEM-DX: slow to stop


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My CGEM-DX takes quite a while to stop moving.

OK, say I have been imaging for a while, end the session, and decide to 'home' the mount. If it is, e.g. 30deg off index marks to the west, it takes 20sec at "full speed" clockwise (viewing north) to get to the index mark, then continues rotating for a farther 5 seconds past index mark, then return anticlockwise to the index mark.

  1. Anyone seen this?
  2. Is it expected behaviour? or,
  3. how is it corrected?


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Sounds like a normal approach to me - if it is, you'll notice a difference when parking from the east, in that it'll still wind out the backlash in the same way, but after moving in the opposite direction (assuming you've not changed those settings).

You will see the same behaviour when seeking to a target...

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