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Some Deep Sky images in Altaz mode


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Hi all,

here are some images of last december taken with the Sony A7S (astrodon inside) and my SkyVision 16" telescope in Altaz mode under a light polluted sky :(

Still learning how to get the best of my setup, but the hardest part for me is the processing with PS and other sofwares. Thanks to the A7S the signal is here but with longer exposure it will be better....next time...

Clear Sky





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Some nice pics there DarkD, and yup, it's all perfectly possible with an Alt-Az set-up! The processing regime is rather different though, dealing with many, many short exposure frames as opposed to a few long subs.

There is a long thread devoted to Alt-Az imaging, should you not be aware, and we'd welcome you over there. Some folk are getting amazing results.


All software carries a significant learning period, so don't lose heart!


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