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Straight-sided craters on the Moon.

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I watch a lot of amateur astronomy videos on YT now that i've got into it as a hobby, we all know the Moon is an unlikely partner in space, why it's here (i think there's around five competing theories as to it's appearance in our Solar system), why it has such a low apparent density, why it's the perfect size to eclipse the Sun, transient Lunar phenomenon etc ...

One thing i find hard to explain is the hexagonal craters. A quick search brings up lots of academic resuolts, it's obviously an interesting problem to many serious researchers, how can a normal impact crater go from round to hexagonal ?

There's a reddit discussion :


Sorry, didn't realise links were being actively parsed! That discussion starts with (i didn't read it all) the sub-surface crack theory. I think that can be thrown out immediately since sub-surface cracks don't sporadically form heacgoanl nodes her, there and everywhere !

Three are lots of thjeories, many of them involving mineral deposits, such as Basalt, but deposits that form instantly upon an asteroid impact and organize themselves into multi-kilometre-wide hexagons? It's not The Devil's Causeway !

I know no-one here can know why some of them are hexagonal, none of us has Hubble at our fingetips, but i'd be interested to hear other theories, i've only done a quick bit of searching.


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