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Walking on the Moon

Planning a late all nighter


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Now, years ago tgat would've meant something completely different, but now, looking at the forecast and the fact I've hardly been out recently, I want to make the most of tomorrow night.

Being a weekend I can stay out late, unless the damn forecast changes, but what advice would you give someone planning a late all night observing and imaging session?  

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It's all-right for some! 100% cloud forecast on the main sites I check for Leeds area :(

Advice wise, check out all your gear before dark, do a dry run. There's always something I forget or that doesn't work well after a short cloud induced break :( Those issues become extra painful when it's a one off clear night too.

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7 minutes ago, Size9Hex said:

Wrap up really warm.

Charge up the batteries on any kit that needs it.

Go armed with some sort of plan on what to observe so as not to waste it.

Looking forwards to hearing how you go! Enjoy!


All good points. I might have a flask made up so I don't have to boil the kettle. Planning is critical and something I do not do very well yet, wasting time aimlessly spin from one area to another. I currently like to "bag" something new each night and get more data on objects I already have captured to hopefully improve my images. So with that in mind:

Owl Nebula 

Leo triplet

M81 & M82

Try Horsehead again

Hunt for the Cats eye Nebula (new to me)

See if I'm still out there for Jupiter. 


Maybe be a bit too much, we'll see ?

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1 hour ago, Peco4321 said:

but what advice would you give someone planning a late all night observing and imaging session?  

My weather forecast for last nigh was clear skies all day yesterday through to midday today.

  1. warm clothing
  2. put everything together during the day
  3. heating around any glass to prevent frost (last night here it's -4C to -7C)
  4. check all applications connect to relevant hardware
  5. repeat 2 and 3
  6. check your targets ton cross meridian, or allow for a meridian flip
  7. get a flask of tea - even if you will be monitoring from indoors
  8. checking plate solver that you use still solves for targets you have use previously
  9. try to get everything set up so you can controller remotley
  10. see 4,5, 6, 7,8 
  11. enjoy
  12. dont allow frustration to distract from 8.
  13. see 1
  14. see 10
  15. see 11

and good luck.


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