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Vixen vmc110 and vixen porta 2

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Hi guys

 IV been pondering setup's and still deep down I know that I will use a small quick to set up scope more than a large scope that needs power etc. 

 Has anybody got any experience with that small vixen vmc110 and the porta 2 mount? 

 IV been looking at various maks and mounts. I know this hasn't got the focal length or aperture but it's light weight and less prone to dew. 

 Any advice very welcome. 

Thanks In advance

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I have a relative who uses that scope on Porta Mini and it fairs well, although he has expressed and interest in wanting to put it on a Porta 2 for that extra bit of stability. 

Cassegrain scopes do have long focal lengths disguised in a small package.  The vmc110 is a f/9.4. 


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I have to say i had the VMC110 and did not rate it to highly, it seemed very poor on contrast, at the time i had to decide between this and the 102 Maksutov............i now have a 102 mak, but either scope would work well on the porta or AZ4

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