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Caitnahs Swan

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I own a Canon 550d un-modded and the 120mc (guiding). My AP rig is that with the SW80mm and EQ6 mount. I use a laptop running BYEOS, PHD2 and Stellarium.

I want to try EAA and am curious as to which camera will give me a better overall image. The 120mc would use SharpCap and will also use AstroToaster. These will be images, not video so am doing quick exposures. Sometimes a little stacking with AT.

Which would you suggest would be better overall?

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That would depend entirely on the target. The asi has a tiny chip, compared to any dslr. Dslrs are not generally used for eaa, though.

Image download and sensitivity are faster on the asi, but I very much doubt that will outweigh the size difference for extended dso's. Only for planetary and small galaxies, will the asi have an advantage.

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