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if i want to make a mosaic which software will help me the best?

when i have data of 2 different halves of a object that i have  clicked, how do i make both layers look the same. ie how do i process them so that they look the same ?

how to join starry areas?

hope you'll can understand my questions.



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Yep, MS ICE is good. However, when data has been shot under differing conditions (ie: on differing nights), Registar can be used to equalise the background levels of each image so you dont end up in the position of having one panel brighter than the other.

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I have just completed a 4 pane mosaic with friend and we found it very difficult, in mainly due to the uneven background, so the 1s answer to the question is to try, insofar as you can to balance the backgrounds of the two halfs.

the next thing is to try and separate the stars from the nebula or whatever is in your image...pixinsight does this well and so does Stratton software.

but then you have to recombine...not easy to do.

but the short answer to the question you ask is: for us, we used pixinsight, Stratton, photoshop CS5/6 and Images pus software..

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It is best to combine linear data and for that we use Registar here. Crop the edges and run a good background gradient remover first. Pixinsight's DBE is the best. So my answer is Pixinsight DBE then Registar, but that is not a cheap solution.


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