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I'm moving from a battery to a mains supply for my HEQ5 mount and foucsser, Ive just ordered a 12v 5a regulated power supply from Maplins which comes with a 5.5mm/2.1mm socket.Now have a few choices as to what to do about the cables.

On ebay and Amazon I have come accross various lengths of splitter and extension cables with 5.5mm/2.1mm plug/socket mainly used for CCTV camera systems. These come in various lengths and I was wondering if anyone has any experience of these and their suitibility. Most state up to 12volts but few give the amps/watts. Like those in the attached picture.


The other option is just to get a Cigarette to 5.5/2.1mm adapter cable and use the existing cables with the cigarette plugs/sockets.

Any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated




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I'm just about to order 2x 6 metre cigarette socket extension cables for mine. I plan to keep the power supply in the garage and then trail these outside to my usual spot, finishing with the existing cable to plug into the mount.

I don't know whether the above cables would be better or not? I think in either case it would be best to wrap the joins in waterproof tape, if only to stop them pulling apart.

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Hi Mered

Thanks for the reply

We moved to a new house with great dark skies about 18 months ago so I wont need portable power. I just unpacked the
scope last week, got it colimated, polar aligned  (took a while to remeber how to do it) then the battery died.
Second night was a bit more sucessfull though but power still didnt last long I only have a 7ah battery at the moment. I've got a modest set up, but I've just added a DIY autofocusser which I must admit is brilliant but its another thing that needs power to run and with plans to add some sort of dew control I think mains is a must.
I am trying to get to the point where I have just two wires running to the mount, one for power and the other
for USB control for the various components then usb hub/power splitters tucked under the tripod where I cant trip over them.
The cigarette lighter type socket does seem to be the preferred solution, so I think I will to follow your lead (no pun intended)
and get a long cigarette extension. Might try and make some rubber waterproof collars to keep the damp out of the connectors rather than waterproof tape as I want to be able to dismantle the rig quickly and easily, perhaps a bit of bicycle innertube might work.



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    • By Calzune
      This is the best I have come up with, I might need to extend the cable between the guide ports and the guide cam.. The cable is getting really stiff when it's cold outside.. 


    • By PlanetGazer
      I was hesitant to write this earlier, but I wanted to try all possible ways to get my new SkyWatcher 250P GOTO allgined, but to no avail.
      I have followed the instruction manuals of both the synscan and SW, and managed to get the message "alignment successful" multiple times on the handset or the app. The closest I got when I tried to dial a different star was a 20 to 25 degrees off on the azimth axis. Most times it's off by a margin on both axes.
      I have tried aligning around 30 times on more than 5 diffrenet occasions, different locations as well. I end up ignoring the thing and switch to navigating manually as the eager friends want to observe instantly, but we ran out of objectes and the planets are not close anymore, so I figured it's time to get deeper DSO's and sort out the GOTO.
      Here is what I do:
      • I level the scope to the zero reading on top of the base
      • I make sure the base is level with a spirit level I bought recently
      • I point the scope northish, but latley I bought compass to pinpoint north
      • I plug all equipments in and then switch on the power from a lead acid battery
      • I enter the date ( US fromat, month before day 😕 )
      • enter correct time zone obviously
      • the coordinates in the format of E 000 00 , N 00 00 
      • As for  elevation I use "my  elevation" app, not sure if it's accurate. Does this entry have to be that accurate?
      • I tried both brightest star and the 2 star align methods on the handset (which seems to be the same thing apart from the brightest method having an extra menu asking for which direction you are pointing at)
      I even used the synscan app and the synscan pro, and tried the 3 star align method. The app uses location and enters all data automatically
      •I use the top and right arrows as the last press before centring the star in the eyepiece as  recommended by the manual
      These are the steps I follow when I align , is there anythung I missed? Your kind help is much appreciated.
      Update: issue solved, check the reply in the second page
    • By masjstovel

      There will probably be too much information below, but my level of knowledge in electronics is unfortunately low.
      I own a EQ-5 - upgraded to pro with synscan, a SW 150pds and a SSAG guidecam on a 9x50. I bought this with the purpose of AP. I have my telescope on the porch, so i can sit inside with the PC (5m distance) and power everything from the socket in the wall inside.
      I live in Norway where there is 230V 50hz AC in the wall.
      I have understood most telescope equipment (?) is powered by 12v DC.
      The mount came with a 12V "car-connector" which im sure people are familiar with. But i didnt wish to use this, so instead i bought a plug (European), which the picture below shows. It is like a multipurpose plug where i can choose 12V and also choose different "pc-style" connectors in the other end. 
      I am currently powering the mount via this plug to a 20m extension cord with 4 sockets. It's labeled "250V AC 50HZ". (picture below)
      I plug the USB3-powered SSAG straight to the computer. I plug the synscan controller to the computer with an adaptor to make it USB in the other end.

      So to the core of this post:
      I now have an ZWO ASI1600MM PRO (DC 12V 3A), with a 8 slot ZWO filter-wheel (USB2.0 powered - guess this connects to the camera). On its way.
      I also have a NEQ6 PRO on its way (12V 2A) - so no more EQ5 - but same power requirements.
      And lastly i have a HitecAstro 4 channel dew controller on its way (12V DC) - which i plan to use with a Omegon secondary mirror heating strap, SMALL (https://www.astroshop.eu/heater-bands-controls/omegon-secondary-mirror-heating-strip-small/p,56529#tab_bar_1_select), and maybe something else down the line. The strap uses 0,18amps the product specifications says.

      So....... With this setup, and from home like described: 
      -Plan is to use the 12v 2.25A adaptor-plug from the EQ5 on the NEQ6. 
      -Buy another one just like it, for the dew-controller. I dont know what Ampere it needs, but the dew-strap is only 0,18A.
      -Buy a upgraded 12V 3A (or 5A) for the ZWO ASI1600 and 5m USB3.0 to PC. 
      -Plug filterwheel to ZWO.
      -Plug guidecamera to PC as before - Or can this go straight to the ZWO? 
      -Plug the EQ6 via the Synscan ST4(?) to USB 5m to the PC. 
      So the mount, the ZWO and the dew-controller will go to the extension cord-cable drum outside which goes to the wall inside.
      The PC will go to the wall inside ofcourse.

      Can i do this?
      2.  If no: How should i do this?


    • By astrosathya
      Hi Everyone,
      While we all know that there are plenty of hubs out there in the market like Hitec Astro Hub and Pegasus Astro Hubs for providing 12VDC and USB comm link for good cable management, I am a DIY person with little to no experience in electronics. I do know how to solder reasonably well. 
      I am looking to see if someone here could help me with a circuit diagram for a hub that gives has 5x12VDC output, 3x5VDC output and 4xUSB powered hub for communication. I would then go out, purchase all components and build one for myself.
      This is only so that I don't have too many cables dangling off of my mount and becoming a constant trip hazard.
      TIA guys.
    • By Greg6498
      Now that I have my new AVX Mount all set up, I realized that I have no way to power it up! Apparently, I need a power tank of some sort. The Mount came with a cigarette lighter cable but I’m no where near my car! Any suggestions??

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