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A beautiful sight greeted me as I walked through the door on the way to work this morning. The Moon was fairly low and illuminated by earthshine. I considered grabbing my 'scope and camera, but didn't have enough time. I wonder how long I'll have to wait before I get another chance at that shot and so can tick L2 off on my Lunar 100 spreadsheet!

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Sounds like you've ticked it off already? Sometimes there is nothing better than just looking at these objects/events with the naked eye, very relaxing :) 

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On 30/01/2017 at 14:21, StarryEyed said:

It always amazes me at how good the eye is at dealing with such contrasting lighting but yet so difficult to capture with a camera. I saw a waining moon in the morning twilight in early Jan. The view still plays on my mind.

The eye has our own personal Photoshop processor, running all the time. We see what we expect to see. Great entertainment value, though.

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    • By Stu
      This is a sticky for resources which can be used to help complete the Lunar 100. They complement the other sticky to Doc's fabulous descriptions from his observations.
      Additional links or material will be added when they are found.
      The following links provide useful material:
      http://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/the-lunar-100/ - The original April 2004 article by Charles Wood, which started the whole thing off!
      http://www.astrospider.com/Lunar100list.htm - Useful list with images for most targets, co-ordinates and brief description
      http://www.salzgeber.at/astro/moon/L100.html - Another table with descriptions and also links to high quality images
      http://www.shoestringastronomy.com/lunar/lunar100.htm - This link has some useful annotated sketches in the links, not for all targets but quote a few.
      The OTL100.pdf attachment contains some useful info about when is the best phase to observe each target. I've tested some of these and they may be a day out, so use it as a guide rather than absolute fact!
      Lunar 100 Object List.pdf
      Lunar 100 Object List and Notes.pdf

    • By Stu
      I thought, given the current interest in the moon, lunar X/V etc that I would post up some info on the Lunar 100.  This is something which I would love to complete, but do struggle with getting the weather/opportunity to coincide with the necessary phases. Must try harder! I need to document the ones I've seen already and move on from there, note to self!
      Much of this info is on SGL anyway, I thought I would bring it together in one current thread to highlight it.
      Then of course Doc's wonderfully complete descriptions after he completed the 100 with a 16 inch Lightbridge
      One note of caution about the info contained at the end of the OTL100 document. Last night I tried at least to identify the location of Flamsteed P, mentioned as being at it's best on day 10 of the lunar cycle, which I believe was last night. When I checked, it still appeared to be in full shadow so do sanity check this info.
      Otherwise, have fun, and do post back how you are getting on.
      Lunar 100 Object List.pdf
      Lunar 100 object list and notes.pdf
    • By acr_astro
      ear all
      yesterday evening, I did a small chalk/charcoal sketch of the moon with the 3" MiniDob. I hope you like it.

      Telescope: Skywatcher Heritage 76/300
      Eyepiece: Skywatcher UWA 5mm/58°
      Date & Time: April 29th, 2130-2200 CEST
      Location: home, Dusseldorf region, Germany
      Technique: chalk and charcoal pens on black sketching paper
      Size: 4" in diameter
      Clear skies!

    • By Stu
      I had a quick session with my new to me 20x80 Opticron, Japanese made binos tonight. I have them tripod mounted using a trigger grip ball head which works very well. Lovely views of M42, trapezium split nicely and surprisingly a gentle green tint to the nebula.
      Anyway, the crescent moon was also looking lovely with prominent earthshine. There was a fair amount of CA as is to be expected, but still a nice sharp view along the terminator.
      Three shots here, all hand held at the binos. I made sure I focused the binos using my glasses first, otherwise the images are obviously out of focus!
      First one was exposed for the earthshine, the second is converted to mono to get rid of the CA and the third is exposed for the terminator. All tweaked on the phone using PS Express.
      Quite pleased with the results, given the inappropriateness for imaging of the kit used ?

    • By Stargazer33
      Just thought I would post these single frame shots of the Moon with Earthshine.
      I took them whilst I was waiting to see if I could catch a glimps of C/2011 L4 (PANSTARRS), but no luck!
      Taken with a Canon 1100D on a Slick 88 camera tripod.
      Settings: 70mm & 210mm focal lengths, F/4, 2/5", 400 ISO.

      I believe the comet should have been directly below the Moon by about 5-7 degs, but there was some cloud along the horizon with haze above that, which I think is where the comet was!
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