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SOLD 8.5" (216mm) Newtonian mirror (f5.94 1284mm), spider, secondary and 0.965" focuser


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Obviously needs re-coating, the surface does not look pitted though (to my eyes anyway)

Unfortunately no signature on mirror back but there was a label at some stage (glue left behind) which suggests this was not a home build job.

Primary thickness is 1.5"

Includes postage to UK mainland

PayPal plus fees or bank transfer.



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I'm wondering if I could use the back of this 8.5" as a glass tool for grinding the sphere into my 8.75" mirror blank? 

I take it it's flat and smooth on the reverse?

I'll link this ad to my thread and ask the experts!

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I'm no expert but 2616A could possibly indicate a David Hinds mirror.

On my 12" Dark Star restoration thread I was told that David Hinds used to etch a small number followed by A or B. Unfortunately mine didnt have that though.

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