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Help needed. I have a colourblind astrophotography friend.

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Getting the colours right for him is difficult. He uses photoshop to process. Auto colour just makes it worse it seems.

How can I help my friend.? He has trouble seeing pinks and reds, yellow and green ,purple and blue.

This is his just now. Should be magentas and pinks etc.


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One of the easiest ways to get a good colour balance is to run the colour layer through Pixinsight's Dynamic Background Extraction. This is my basic colour balancing technique though I do nudge it this way and that afterwards. Even if I didn't it woud be OK. That's what I'd recommend.


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Agree with @ollypenrice , dbe in PixInsight, with normalisation left unchecked. The colour calibration methods also work great. Background neutralisation followed by colour calibration.

Colour images can develop a green cast during processing. But this can be cleaned up at the very end of processing. Someone else could judge then. Or your friend can let the histogram decide.

An alternative is to specialise in b/w astrophotography. There are enough deep sky objects that make stunning b/w images. Or to paraphrase a famous daytime photographer: when all else fails, you can always use colour.


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