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Well it’s been almost 6 years since I joined as a member of this community and this is my 1000th post - not a lot in 6 years really but I hope that my contribution has helped, especially here in the Video Astronomy section.

I still think of this section as my baby, although there are those who are now much more active than me.

Back in 2011 there was no Video Astronomy section and at the time the Mods did not think that there was enough demand for one so Video Astronomy or Electronically Assisted Astronomy got lumped in with the Astro Photographers. So I set up a social group on the forum to enable us to discuss our small but growing branch of astronomy. Sometime later the forum underwent a software upgrade and social groups were no longer supported and rather than drop the small but active video astronomy social group we were given our on section on the forum albeit under the Science section. later we were moved to our own top level section and we have a much wider audience.

The changes in Video Astronomy over the past 6 years have been incredible - I still have my SDC435 video camera which started it all for me, however I have upgraded to a Lodestar-C and am indebted to paul81 for his continued efforts on Starlight Live which has finally enabled my to achieve my goal of remote observation in the warmth of my study.

Here’s to the next 1000 posts.

Clear skies


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Well done on 1000 posts Paul! My 1000th was not that long ago and I was extremely chuffed to get to that milestone.

I didn't know this forum started with a social group so my thanks to you for your part in getting this forum to where it is and all your helpful posts. :icon_salut:

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After getting a thread of mine on the other site banned, I used the excellent example of SGL and this forum on how I hoped they would handle this not 100% 'astrophotography' / not 100% 'oberserving'.

I knew folks had to blaze that trail, and very pleased to get some of the history on how we got to where we are.

Thank you Paul! Thank you SGL for having an open mind!

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Thank you for 'blazing a trail' into the world of video-astrophotography (or whatever term is prefered). And congratulations on reaching the 1,000-Mark! Strange how times goes by.

I hope to get my equipment up & running soon. I love the range it opens up for pretty much anyone to join in the fun - be it with expensive dedicated cams, or "lowly" web-cams.

Keep going -


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