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Time to say goodbye and sell up


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Best Wishes Scott in all that the future for you and your family brings. As others have said, binoculars can be a surprisingly satisfying instant fix, so keep your hand in (or should I say your eyes) from time to time, when it allows. Don't treat this as a goodbye , just a sabbatical. My sabbatical lasted almost 50 years so never give up.

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I think I know why you're doing this and it isn't because your getting chained down, 

It's Nibiru isn't it, you've seen it and the government is making you hush and move on.


 I set everything down twenty years ago then one afternoon I was just a walkin' along and WHAM ! Like a brick to the side of my head, went out bought a 5" SCT then with in about two weeks I had an 8" SCT then a month later I had an empty bank account and a full set of eyepieces with every new tech filter,,,,,,,,


I should get married again,,,,,,, 

Nah, need a filter wheel, filter slide and maybe a quark, and some other stuff,,,,,,,,,,,

maybe a 12" SCT,,,,,, or maybe I'll launch my own space telescope, or the less expensive plan of just buying an old surplus ballistic missile, a can of air and a couple of MRE's fly up there and see everything better!

Good luck Scott!

I know you'll be back.


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Thank you for all the kind words folks, it is very much appreciated. 

I will actually stick around here anyway from time to time to 'keep my eye in' so to speak.

I also still have my OTA, imaging rig, mount & full spectrum DSLR for sale, so if you wish to have a look, or spread the word that would be good :)  ;) 

Clear skies ...........

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Thanks to some of the kind members here I have sold some of my stuff this week, and still have my OTA, mount, autoguide kit and camera still for sale.

I invite all to check the kit out and see if any of what's left fits your needs....


Clear skies ;)




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