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Jupiter tonight / sunday AM?


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So i have been keen to take a look at Jupiter for a little while however after looking at Clear Outside it seems that it may not be the best viewing... Jupiter will be visible in my garden between about 02:00 and 06:00 but as the report shows it doesn't seem great until 06:00 potentially... What do you all reckon? Worth a punt? :D


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14 hours ago, Stu said:

Give it a go around 5.30am perhaps? Nothing ventured nothing gained :)

Jupiter should be around it's best then anyway.

Got up around 5:30, took a look out the window and was a thick fog over the garden :( Maybe next time!

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20 hours ago, Gavster said:

I'm going to try to get up early tomorrow and have a go. I think the GRS is out at about 5am


8 hours ago, Gavster said:

Forecast suggested it would get misty through the night so I decided to have an earlier look (write up in equipment section) - Jupiter will have to wait.

I might end up waiting a few months until it is out properly and see if i can get some decent viewing... I really want to take a look but right now the weather and the combination of early starts to get to work limit me to only 2 mornings out of the week! :p 

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