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Baader U Venus filter 1st light

Pete Presland

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1st light for the Baader filter! This image was captured at 3:36pm in broad daylight. The seeing wasn't the best, but still captured some detail.

The filter is indeed very dark and does require longish exposures to get a reasonable histogram level. Hope to get a lot more out of this filter over the coming years, but its a start. I did take a few more as it got dark, but there didn't seem to be any more detail to be honest. 

C9.25/Asi120mm, Baader U Venus filter, x2.5 Powermate.

Focal Length=4550mm, Resolution=0.17", Shutter=75.18ms, Gain=95, Gamma=50, Histogram=55%, Frames 10,000.

sharpened imppg.png

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Nice first light. Looks like you've captured similar details to my images. Steady air and a cooled scope is the secret with these longish exposures. I originally got my filter in the summer, and gave up on it because I just couldn't get any decent images with the scope baking in the sun and Venus wobbling about like a jellyfish. At this time of year with a low sun, cool telescope and steadier seeing you get better results.

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