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Walking on the Moon

Anyone used this?

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Looks like a very sturdy battery and ideal to use for a laptop yes. Only thing I can say is that it only has 2 outputs so if you want to power a laptop, a ccd and the mount, you are missing 1 more output..

Perhaps you can split 1 output with a special connector but I don't know that is ideal with a powerbank.

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There is only one 12V output - and that seems to be switchable between 12/16 or 19V

Idk be worried that I managed to set it to 19Vand connected it to my mount.

In Principle - looks great.

In Practise - personally, despite the fact thi sis a reputable dealer, I would wait to see some feedback from people who have used these first. There are always early adopters (I know, I was one for over 30years - I dont lear quickly - but I started to find I was too early in many cases :()


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It seems a bit strange to me that nothing is mentioned about the type or chemical construction of the battery.
it is also very strange that nothing is mentioned about the capacity at which voltage... if it is 20Ah @5V, that means it will only be 8Ah @ 12V... (which is a bit more believable, but still doubtful)
On top of that it is hard to believe that this powertank has almost the same capacity for €98 as  a € 260 Tracer battery.
Kind of shocking isn't it???
Another thing is, if this were true anybodies electrical power storage problem would be solved right away: 50 of those would have storage for 1000 Ah for less than € 5000 and only weighing 24 kilos and measuring only 39 x 30 x 37,5 cm
Is that weird or what?

Or do you think this is Elon Musk in the background working for them?

I will stay far  from it!

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