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USB over Cat5

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If you are to this for some time to come then use Startech usb over cat5 or cat6. Not cheap but then you pay for robust top quality products. I use the Startech 7 port 12 volt hub and it has never let me down. Built like a tank :icon_biggrin:


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I run 30m USB over CAT5 for observatory mount (HEQ5) control with one of these:
The remote end of the link feeds into a Startech "ruggedised" 4-way USB hub. ;)

It is not a fast (e.g. Camera) link but USB1 speeds are sufficient for this purpose.
Unfortunately many of the claimed "USB extenders" are mostly level shifters and
don't take any account of the timing / buffering issues? At least the ICRON guys
seem to understand the issues involved, and do work reliably - Albeit at price! :)

There are faster devices should you need (can afford!) such?

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Indeed, for reliability with camera byte-streams (especially fps video rather than transferring a buffered still), isochronous transfer support is essential when talking USB over Cat / USB over IP, but rarely mentioned/considered in retailers descriptions.

With regular active USB extensions this is irrelevant - only comes into play when transceiving over a different transport protocol and back again such as with USB over Cat5. Shop carefully!

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